Tuesday, January 11, 2011

We meet again

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I've had an embarrassing number of guitar lessons in my life. As an undergraduate I took group guitar lessons for several semesters, then took private lessons with a great teacher for several more. I became functional. I played for a while, never anything past the basics. I took a specific course for worship leaders, and even played for a retreat once. But I just never felt like I could excel at this instrument. I could always get to proficient, but after a while that gets really old.

Jeff asked me to start attending a small group focused on basics at church. We meet again. I wasn't very excited about the idea of revisiting this for another time. I picked up my guitar, and the muscle memory is still there. I can finger the cords correctly (and painfully...no calluses) and I can strum. I can sing. It's just not all that great. Here's praying for a better outcome this time.


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