Friday, January 21, 2011

A Special Guest Post

Best Blogger Tips
Elijah would like to post on the blog.  Here is his commentary:

We should write Sophie and Isaac's name.  
I would like to build a snowman.  Can you do that on there?
 Dragon!  Write dragon on there!
(What else do you want to tell them?)
Tell them about that [points to the emblem on his pants].  What is that anyway?
How about ABC?
(What did you do today?)
Ate cupcakes, watched dragons, read Curious George, well...played house with Sophie.
(How do you play house?)
Well, I'll be the husband, Sophia will be the wife.  We have kids and stuff.  That's how we play house.  We just go to church and we play.  We eat breakfast and go to bed and our kids take naps and we go to bed and all that stuff.  That's what we do.

That's it.  That's all I want to tell them.  [pointing]  That's what I want to tell them too!!!

That's the dragon I like.  That dragon of his is his friend!


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