Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Operation Fat Boy

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Is about to commence. I took the boys in for their well checks today - Eli for his 4 year and Isaac for his 15 month. Eli is doing great, he gained 4 1/2 pounds in the last year and grew 3 inches! This from my picky eater! He proudly showed the nurse that he could jump on 1 foot and counted to 10 perfectly. I was a proud mama!

Isaac is another story. He took a running leap right off the bottom of the growth chart. He has always been small, but falling off the bottom is not a good thing. He is my good eater, so it's concerning that he isn't gaining with adequate nutrition. So we are now running "Operation Fat Boy." We need to get this boy back on the chart, at least, and have a little padding ( that pun?) just in case it happens again. Isaac's iron levels looked great, so we are no longer concerned about anemia. Developmentally he is doing really well, meeting all of his markers. Pray for his little leg and arm, he didn't take his shots very well and I doubt he will forgive the nurse.

As always, taking 3 kids to the doctor's office was a bit stressful, so I got some Starbucks afterward. I love that stuff!


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