Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tax Time

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After taking Financial Peace University about a year ago, we were even more convinced of the idea that we should adjust our taxes so that we didn't really get much of a refund when we file.  I'm absolutely positive we can do a better job spending our money than the government.  The problem is, it's hard to do that.  It's hard to figure out how many withholdings to take throughout the year to get as close to a $0 return as possible. I'm even OK owing money at the end of the year.  If anybody has a method for ensuring a $0 return, pass it along! 

I was thinking back the other day about my first memories of my parents doing taxes.  They would both sit at the dining room table with calculators and work it out.  It's so much easier now!  I just input the information on one of the approved web sites and it calculates everything, files it for us, and electronically gives us a transfer or pays what we owe. 

I'm OK paying taxes, I'm glad to have the benefits they provide.  To quote a dadism: "I'd be glad to pay taxes on a million dollars."


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