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I love Jesus!

We are a part of a Vineyard Church, which is an "empowered evangelical" movement.  I am beyond thankful for our church family and pastors.  We are truly loved and cared for, and taught about Jesus.  So are our children.

I believe in God the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.  I believe that the Holy Spirit is active, that God routinely speaks into our lives, that Jesus is a person you can know just as well as you know anybody else, and that God is moving and doing amazing, wonderful, beyond comprehensible things and that he loves each and every person and created them to love him.

I believe that children need to be raised in an environment where they can develop a relationship with Jesus.  I'm new at raising children, and I'm new at this concept.  Right now we are working on being thankful.  Nap time and night time prayers involve thanking God for the things he has given, namely the people in their lives.  They are also learning to pray for others when they are sick or hurt.  Sophia is most able to understand this.  She will pray the most simple prayer, "Jesus, please heal Eli's boo boo.  Amen"  It's amazing to see a child so young praying for her brother.

Faith is dynamic, and so is God.  I look forward to the many things coming down the road.  I also look forward to watching my children grow into strong children of God.