Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Today was a "Mommy grow day"

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A painful one.  Today, our little neighbor girl (also 4), who may possibly be one of Eli's favorite people, grabbed his hand and asked me if he could come with her to a little inpromptu play date about a half a block down the street at another little girl's house.  I was NERVOUS.  I have met the family, they are super nice and have been very welcoming.  Our neighbor girl and her brothers were going down, so I relented.  I had to constantly check the urge to run down there and drag him home, holding him like a baby.  He is not a baby.  He can go down to another child's house for a play date and come back to me in an hour safe and sound.  Thankfully they were out front most of the time, and I admit I sat on the porch the whole time listening, but I stayed at the house.  Our neighbor brought her three and Eli back down and they were so excited, chattering and laughing.  I love that we are in this neighborhood.  I love that there are so many kids for mine to play with, grow up with, and go to school with.  I just don't love the process that I'm now in where I have to be trusting of others with my kids and grow and stretch so that they can too.