Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A fun visit

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It's been a long time since we were brave enough to make a drive over 3.5 hours (the distance to the farthest Grandparent's house).  Isaac turned 1 on that last long trip, which was in 2010!  Chris' sister Katie and her family moved to Chicago a year ago, so we decided it was time to visit.  It's about 6 hours (or 375 miles, for those of you who live in parts of the world where distance is not measured by time!  ha!), which really wasn't too bad with the aide of a ridiculous number of silly car games, story telling, artistic endeavors, and finally, when we couldn't take it any longer, Kindles all around.  Daniel was an absolute champ.  He's generally easy going, and for as young as he is, he did really well!

While in Chicago, we took the Metra downtown and visited the Field Museum, which has been on Eli's bucket list for a while now, and saw their fantastic dinosaur exhibit. We also visited a great garden called Morton Arboretum, which I probably could have easy wandered off into and not come out for days.

We had a fantastic time visiting with family.  It's so fun to watch little cousins playing together and becoming friends.  My kids are already asking about the next trip to see Ellie and Jack!

Buddies.  Most of the time.

This little peanut still fits snugly in the Ergo!

The gang minus Daniel. 

LOVING the arboretum!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Best Blogger Tips
This tulip wins my "favorite flower this year so far" award.  :)

Today I am working on expanding our front flower beds.  My neighbor has been recommending I do it for a few years, and the neighbor on the other side's lawn service guy just did hers, so I guess now is the time.  I'm really excited to dig up hundreds of pounds of clay and rock.  ;)  Updates to come!  If anybody near me wants to donate any perennials, I'd be glad to adopt them!