Thursday, May 21, 2009

Our Third Blessing is a........

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The ultrasound was great.  He is healthy and everything looks perfect.  

Monday, May 18, 2009

The Ultrasound Drama

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Today I went in for my 20 week doctor's appointment.  The baby is doing very well!  She found the heartbeat easily and it was good and strong.  

The nurse asked me when my ultrasound was.  I said "FRIDAY!!!  I can't wait!"  She then tells me that the tech cancelled all of the Friday appointments, and they rescheduled me for NEXT TUESDAY.  I didn't think I was going to make it.  So I'm at home scheming about going to an ultrasound place and paying because I can't possibly wait that long, and a manager at the OB's office calls and says she can take me on this Thursday morning!  YAY!  So one less day to wait than I had originally thought.  :)

I'll post our little "tie breaker" baby's gender then....

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sophia Turns 8 Months Old

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Sophia celebrated turning 8 months old on the 9th.  I'm a bit late updating this.  She is doing very well.  Just in the last few weeks she has begun to show rapid progress towards crawling.  She can get up on all fours and rock.  Cute!  She also has mastered moving backwards quite well, and can manage to get herself lodged under just about anything.  hehe  On the 9th, Chris found her lying on her belly in her crib, fast asleep.  This is the first time she's turned from her back to her stomach, an important milestone.  

Here's her 8 month photo:

Monday, May 11, 2009

The Test

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Chris took his 2nd actuarial test today and he PASSED!!!!!  :)  He worked so hard studying for this test.  It's great news for him.  He will now enter the education program and take a bunch more.  

We are so proud of him!  

Friday, May 8, 2009

Eli's new favorite thing

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Chris had seen this before, so he rented if from the library for Eli to watch.  And of course, he LOVES it.  I'm not really sure about anime.  It's a little creepy sometimes, but as Chris points out, not even close to Disney.  I'm a little thankful this is a rental, to be honest.  Eli is allowed 1 show per day, and this is what he wants all of the time.  

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

New Transportation

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So using a subcompact Hyundai with 3 kids in car seats, though I tried my hardest to figure out a way, was not going to work.  Chris arranged to buy it, and brought it home.  I had never seen it before he arrived.  Can you believe that?!  That's some pretty good trust!  

Today Chris went and bought this:

It's really strange to be driving such a big vehicle after driving small cars for so long.  I'm pretty uncomfortable with it, but it looks like I better get used to it, at least for the next almost two decades.  

Chris called from the BMV to tell us about his progress, and Eli asked to speak with him on speaker phone.  Here was the conversation:

Chris:   I'm buying a van Eli.
Elijah:  Does it have doors Daddy?
Chris:   Yes Eli, it has doors.
Elijah:  Does it have windows Daddy?
Chris:   Yes Eli, it has windows.
Elijah:  (thinking, says nothing else)

If only we were all so easy to please when it came to cars!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Our Third

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The baby is doing well.  18 1/2 weeks right now.  (See the ticker at the bottom of the page.)

I have been feeling little bumps and kicks for a few weeks, and they are gradually increasing, which is wonderful to feel.  

We find out the gender on May 22nd.  I can honestly say that I don't care what the gender is this time.  Chris would be happy with a boy!  ;)  He will be happy with either, I'm sure!


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Sophie has developed into such a little person recently.  :)  She is generally a pretty happy kid, laughing at Eli and playing.  She really enjoys being held, but is now sitting on her own and playing with toys more.  She has started to show signs of crawling, but no success yet!  

We are working hard on her nap schedule, as she tends to think she is in charge of things around the house and not me!!!  ;)  So far we have 2 naps some days, and at least one every day.  It's a good start...

It is amazing to watch Sophia watch Eli.  She just LOVES him!  He is by far her favorite person.  I hope they will continue to be good friends.  


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Eli is doing very well!  He is such a quick learner, picking up everything.  (Not always good for me....)  He does well with his colors, shapes, some letters, and his numbers up to 10, though not always in the right order.  He is such a friendly little guy, saying "Hi!" to everybody in the store.  I'm amazed how many things he sees and absorbs.  When told that Eli needed to have a 2 1/2 year doctor's visit to check on his language, I seriously requested that it be by phone!  He talks and talks, all day long.  

He has been great with Sophie.  :)  He is helpful to her, bringing her toys and putting her binkie back in if she starts crying.  Cute!  

Right now we are struggling with stuttering, which seems to come and go.  It's apparently a developmental glitch, but it's frustrating to see him struggle to say sentences that only a few weeks ago were fluent for him.  I am told it's common for boys and most outgrow it.  


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I'm staying at home right now with Elijah and Sophia.  Keeping track of these two kiddos pretty much consumes all of my time.  I try to keep the house in order and keep everything running smoothly, but I feel overwhelmed most of the time by the task!

I'm working on my pre-requisite courses for entering the RN program next fall at a local community college.  This quarter I have Organic & Biochemistry, which I can say with all assurance I have no desire to ever take again!  


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Chris has been at his new job for 7 months now.  He's working as an actuary, which is a person who determines risk for a company.  His specific department deals with homeowner's insurance. He is doing well!  He is enjoying the work and has taken on a lot of new responsibilities.  

He is also studying for the second of ten actuarial exams.  He takes this exam on May 11th.  He will then enter the actuarial education program through his work, and will continue to take two tests per year until he has passed them all.  

He is also still teaching at the Christian home school academy, which will finish in mid-June.  He will then start to take teaching assignments at the college level again.  

A fun little blog...

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Hopefully this will give friends & family a more accessible way to keep track of us. 

Chris stated earlier that he bores himself, so a blog about him would be boring even to him.  So for all of our sakes, I'll write the blog.  :)