Friday, May 8, 2009

Eli's new favorite thing

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Chris had seen this before, so he rented if from the library for Eli to watch.  And of course, he LOVES it.  I'm not really sure about anime.  It's a little creepy sometimes, but as Chris points out, not even close to Disney.  I'm a little thankful this is a rental, to be honest.  Eli is allowed 1 show per day, and this is what he wants all of the time.  

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  1. we love the disney here, but in all honesty, with no tv, we have been borrowing a lot of Bob the Builder, Clifford, Curious George, Magic Schoolbus and Mr. Rogers from the library. Joshie is also limited to once a day to view something but that is hard to keep hold of sometimes. Totally reccomend borrowing Magic Schoolbus....Joshua knows his planets and he knows about sound vibrations from it, lol.