Tuesday, May 5, 2009


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Eli is doing very well!  He is such a quick learner, picking up everything.  (Not always good for me....)  He does well with his colors, shapes, some letters, and his numbers up to 10, though not always in the right order.  He is such a friendly little guy, saying "Hi!" to everybody in the store.  I'm amazed how many things he sees and absorbs.  When told that Eli needed to have a 2 1/2 year doctor's visit to check on his language, I seriously requested that it be by phone!  He talks and talks, all day long.  

He has been great with Sophie.  :)  He is helpful to her, bringing her toys and putting her binkie back in if she starts crying.  Cute!  

Right now we are struggling with stuttering, which seems to come and go.  It's apparently a developmental glitch, but it's frustrating to see him struggle to say sentences that only a few weeks ago were fluent for him.  I am told it's common for boys and most outgrow it.  


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