Wednesday, May 6, 2009

New Transportation

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So using a subcompact Hyundai with 3 kids in car seats, though I tried my hardest to figure out a way, was not going to work.  Chris arranged to buy it, and brought it home.  I had never seen it before he arrived.  Can you believe that?!  That's some pretty good trust!  

Today Chris went and bought this:

It's really strange to be driving such a big vehicle after driving small cars for so long.  I'm pretty uncomfortable with it, but it looks like I better get used to it, at least for the next almost two decades.  

Chris called from the BMV to tell us about his progress, and Eli asked to speak with him on speaker phone.  Here was the conversation:

Chris:   I'm buying a van Eli.
Elijah:  Does it have doors Daddy?
Chris:   Yes Eli, it has doors.
Elijah:  Does it have windows Daddy?
Chris:   Yes Eli, it has windows.
Elijah:  (thinking, says nothing else)

If only we were all so easy to please when it came to cars!!!

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