Friday, November 7, 2014

Eli's First Performance

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One of the things I love about our school is that they put a big emphasis on "specials."  Art, Music, PE, etc.  Eli has been practicing with his classmates for his first special performance, one themed for Veteran's Day, in music class.  It was a short performance, with 3 of the second grade classes participating.  I was very impressed.  The kids were clearly having fun and loving the performance aspect of music.  Eli was thrilled when he got done.  He was proud of himself, and knew that they had done a good job.  I clearly remember performances on the East Elementary school stage when I was in elementary school.  I have been trying to gently push him toward singing and loving music, but I feel like I've been striking out.  I hope this performance will tip the balance.

Since this was a Veteran's Day program, the kids dressed in red, white and blue.  The Captain America "costume" became useful yet again.