Friday, December 5, 2014

Lost Tooth

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Sophie's first tooth has been loose for a while.  She's not the kind of person who tolerates such things, so this tooth has been causing a little bit of drama around here.  I tried pulling it out one day - it was so loose that it bent completely forward, but she shrieked and I really didn't feel like it was worth it, so I told her to deal with it on her own.

Yesterday, she asked me for an apple.  I handed her a giant red delicious about the size of her head.  She complained that I didn't cut it into pieces for her.  Oh child, I know exactly what I'm doing.  So she heads off to eat the apple.  I rub my hands together like an evil genius.  Soon, there will be no more complaining and whining about how the tooth is hurting when she eats yogurt.  Seriously.

So she comes back up about 10 minutes later and tells me she can't finish the apple, it's too big.  I look in her mouth, and the tooth is GONE!!!  I asked her where it was...she produces an utterly horrified look and bursts into tears.  Plan backfire.  So now I have drama because the tooth is out!

I inspected the apple - no tooth.  We searched her clothing, the couch where she was sitting, the floor - no tooth.  So, Sophie literally lost her first tooth.  It's gone.  I'm just glad it's out.  Hopefully the one beside it will wait a little while to loosen up.

She is in a much better mood about the situation, so here's her showing off her gap - you can already see the adult tooth coming up behind.  Donations for our orthodontia fund are always gladly accepted.


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