Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pajama Day

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We had a busy weekend.  Visits from my parents and then from Chris' mom and sister last night.  The kids had the best time visiting and playing, as always.  I feel a little bad for them when they wake up after so many fun filled days and find just me!

Today was a pajama day.  Sophia and Isaac both woke up with noses running.  It's pouring down rain and it's cold.  Not to mention the fabulous behavior the children have been displaying today.  It's at times like these when I think to look to the moon cycle chart and see when we should be expecting odd behavior.  Sure enough, January's full moon is due tomorrow.  Ah, it all makes sense. 

So we stayed in, made bread, and wore our pajamas all day.  It was wonderful! 
Hopefully this was our only funky day!


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