Monday, January 31, 2011

House Hunting

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We are house hunting. Finally. We have sifted through our options and it looks like this is the one we are presented with. It's such an odd feeling, to have to go and look for a new place to live. We have lived in the condo for so long that it just seems so normal. As much as I know we have to do this, to make this huge transition, it is painful to think of all that will come with it. It will disrupt the family, it will strain the kids, it will be an endless amount of work for Chris and I. But it is necessary, and we must do it.

We are looking for a realtor, and have started searching through the endless listings of homes. It is amazing how many are for sale. Our condo will be joining that list soon. I'm not really sure what to look for. There are so many options. It is hard to try to imagine what space we need and imagine how we could best use the spaces that are available to us. We don't want too much space, but we don't want to move into too little.

Chris has been talking to the kids about getting a new house. Here is Sophia's new bedtime want list: a drink of water, a tissue, a kiss and hug, a house

We will do our best, little girl.


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