Saturday, October 20, 2012

I learned a few things today

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Every day, when Eli gets off of the bus, I say, "Elijah, what did you learn at school today?"  I'm really excited and ready to hear, and usually the question is met by, "I don't remember."   He's quick to talk about snack time and recess.  Today I was wondering when we stop asking that question.  Certainly there are an endless number of things to learn, see, and do, but it seems that the question is only ever asked of school aged children.  Well, here's what I learned today:

1) There is a gender neutral term to define nieces and nephews!  The word is NIBLING.  Yep, you read that correctly.  Nibling.  My nieces and nephews are super cute, so calling them niblings sounds fitting.  :) 

2) It is possible to MAKE powdered sugar.  All you do is put granulated sugar in the food processor and blitz it until it becomes powdered.  I had no idea. 

3) My migraines are not gone.  Being pregnant and having babies may have slowed them up considerably, but I can't control the weather, and as long as that's true I'm bound to be dealing with them in the fall and spring when the weather is super wonky.  Another related thing I learned today - Sophia has it in her to be a true leader.  She took control of this house today, trying her best to help me.  She played with Isaac and kept him quiet, helped pick up without my asking, sat with Daniel and giggled with him, and was just generally a good little helper.  And I am finally feeling better, thank God!


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