Thursday, May 23, 2013


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We finally decided to join the YMCA.  We've been putting it off for a long time, but as the kids get older I feel a much greater urgency to get them into swimming lessons so they can learn - for enjoyment and for safety reasons.  My parents put a great emphasis on swimming lessons, and my brothers and I are very good swimmers as a result.  I want to know that if my kids fall off of a boat in the middle of Lake Erie, they will be able to swim, tread, or float until they are rescued.

Last night we went to the indoor pool for the first time.  As with most indoor pools, there is no zero depth entry into a lovely 2 foot deep play area.  They do have a pretty impressive set of steps, and the kids hung out there the entire time.  The first step puts you in about two inches of water, which caused Sophie to scream bloody murder and freak out in terror.  By the end of the night, the kids were moving around the steps, even into the three foot deep areas, without much freaking out.  Daniel is a great little water bug!  He floated on his back (with help), kicked and splashed, and had an all around great time!  They all asked to go back, so I think it was a successful night!  Swimming lessons start for them in about a week, and I really need them to get past the screaming and crying part before that happens.

I went over to the lanes just to see how far I could swim.  A total of 100 yards (4 laps) just about did me in. I am WEAK!  Oh my goodness.  I was never a very fast swimmer, but I could do many many times that distance without much trouble.  In the next year I'm going to work on building up to at least a 500 in a block.  Today my whole body is soar.  From 100 yards!!!  15-years-ago Megan would laugh at this!  ha!


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