Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Garden Start

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I wanted to show you all some pictures of my garden!  I put summer plants in a few weeks before the last frost date this year (shame, shame, I know!).  The 10 day on May 1 looked good so I figured it was worth the risk!  This is my second year doing the square foot method, and this year was much easier to prep - all I had to do was mix in some fresh compost and it was ready!  Dad helped me figure out how to get the trellis netting on my trellises, and nailed down the tomato cages (upside down) for the romas.  I'm not sure if it will hold them, but this is all trial and error, right?  I might be mowing around giant spilling over tomato plants all summer.  ha!

Herbs in pots - chives above.  This year instead of using
a bunch of separate pots, I put rosemary, parsley, and
french tarragon together in the same planter.
These are my absolute FAVORITES!

We are trying strawberries in the top of the
water barrel.  

My 4 - 4X4 square foot beds.  Trellises up with netting this year.

First year growing broccoli!  I'm not sure if these
plants look good?  They're a lot bigger than
when they went in!

Transplanted roma that I didn't harden off very
well.  :/  Hopefully he'll bounce back.  And stay
inside that cage.


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