Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Watch Week

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Sophia's dance studio holds "watch week" twice a year.  The instructor sets up chairs around the edge of the room and all of the parents sit and watch the entire class.  It's fun to match up some of what I see them doing through the glass door with what she's telling them to do.  Eli came with me, though I think he regretted it - an hour is a long time to sit and watch other kids have fun!

Sophia has improved quite a bit just since September.  Her balance is good and she can do all of the steps and follow directions to complete the dance.

What I love most about watching her in class is that this is really where Sophia shines.  She loves to dance, and she really applies herself and tries hard the entire lesson.  It's wonderful to see.  She may not end up being an amazing dancer, but these lessons are good for her in many ways and I'm glad she's taking them and loving them.  

Her recital is June 9th, not June 1st.  I apologize for telling everybody the wrong date!  If you want to come, let me know - I can apparently bring as many guests as I'd like!