Tuesday, April 2, 2013


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We had a great Easter weekend!  We started off with coloring eggs.  I discovered that using gel frosting colors makes the eggs very vibrant - goodbye liquid food coloring!

Our friend Lucas came over to color eggs with us!
Eli LOVES this activity!  
The kids went to an Easter egg hunt at our church on Saturday.  Isaac only found 2 eggs!  He was pretty sad.  The other kids shared with him, so it didn't end tragically.

On Sunday, after celebrating at church, we were off to Gramma's house to visit with all of Chris' sisters and families, and his mom and grandma!  It such a good (and crazy) time to get all of the kids together - there were 9 kids present, the oldest being Eli, the youngest only a few months old!

Isaac, with Gramma, meeting his newest
cousin Kenzie.  She is adorable! 
Sophia, in her beautiful Easter dress.
It was a great weekend!  We were able to celebrate Jesus, and his resurrection, with our children.  God gives amazing blessings.  How was your Easter?  I hope and pray everyone was filled with the peace and truth of what Jesus did for us on this, the greatest day in history!


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