Sunday, September 16, 2012

The girl loves to dance!

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Sweet Sophia LOVES to dance.  We recently started her in dance lessons at a local studio.  The class is a combo class, including ballet, tap, and tumbling.  She desperately needed something like this to focus her energy and teach her some skills that she is still developing, such as listening.  It's probably not a surprise, but this strong willed little girl knows the best way to do things and goes right ahead and does them as she sees fit. 

I was very worried about her starting - worried that she wouldn't listen, that she would hate it, that the class would be too rigid.  But she is doing amazingly well, and I love peeking in the window to watch her joyously following her teacher and fellow classmates in all of the various moves.  My parents started me in dance when I was even younger, and it was always a fun activity that I enjoyed.  I am hypersensitive to Sophie being exposed to unhealthy things, such as a focus on image and body weight.  At this point she is having a blast, and I'll try to keep my anxiety about my child being taught distorted views of reality to a minimum.

 Somebody made this shirt with this very girl in mind!  :)


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