Sunday, March 13, 2011

Random Things

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I just finished my 4th quarter!  I have 5 left.  Things are always crazy at the end of the quarter, and I'm glad to have a break coming up!

Elijah started eating a new food, thanks to Kathy who brought this book over:
The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog!
It must have made a huge impression.  I'm taking recommendations on other books where foods are featured, perhaps this will become a trend. 

Sophia is right in the middle of potty training.  We've had a few 100% successful days, and a few so-so days.  She's very excited to get her big girl panties, but I haven't given them to her yet.  She is also very motivated by M&M's.  Here's how much I paid her for her first poop in the potty:
She call's this "A BIG M&M!!!" 

Isaac is starting to use words very intentionally, finally.  He is using "up," "more," and "thank you" on a consistent basis.  He also very recently became OBSESSED with dogs.  He stands at the window and watches for them. 


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