Monday, September 15, 2014


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When I was young, one of my many creative aunts would decorate amazing cakes for her children's birthday parties.  It left a huge impression on me.  As I got older, I worked on cake decorating through 4-H projects with my mom, and sometimes displayed cakes at the county fair.  I still like to decorate cakes - I try to make each kid a fun cake for their birthday.  But I cut it off at age 5.  While it's something I like to do, it takes too much time!

Here is Isaac's 5th birthday cake.  His final decorated cake.  He will join his siblings in thinking of new desserts to choose when his birthday comes around again next year.

The request was for a red dragon.  He didn't notice that it didn't have wings.  I'm not actually sure if dragons are required to have wings or not, so this was a wingless worm.  


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