Friday, December 20, 2013

Cleaning Obsession

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Sadly, I am not the one who has developed a cleaning obsession.  And really, nobody else in my house has either.  However, Daniel has developed a deep love for cleaning equipment.  His goal, from the minute I take him out of his booster seat after breakfast, to the time he is placed in his crib at night, is to get the vacuum and the broom.  He will listen to no reason.  No matter where I hide them, he finds them.  The vacuum isn't too bad, as all he can really do is push it around.  But the broom becomes a weapon, whacking into siblings, mom, and anything that's above his head level that can come crashing down.  The only break he will take from this cleaning item quest is to climb up on the kitchen table and dance around.  Or on top of Eli's desk.  Or on top of anything that falling off of could cause him great harm.  While this child has the most pleasant temperament of all of my children, he is the most demanding in many other ways!


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