Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Gifts of My Children: Part 1: Sophia

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I wanted to do some updates on my kids - on how they are growing and being formed into who they will be. Sometimes the simplest example can show a very deep truth.  Today, I want to share with you a little piece of Sophie's heart.  I believe this example shows some of the very core aspects of who she is:

(Sophie had just finished a funny joke, and I laughed.)
Me: Sophie, you are so funny!
Sophie: Thanks, Mommy.
Me: Sophie, do you think I'm funny?
(She looks at me very carefully, studying my face for a long time.)
Sophie: Do you think you're funny?
Me: No, not really.
Sophie: Well, I think you're a little bit funny!  Not really funny, but a little.

This girl has some wisdom in her.  The part that most impressed me was that she already knew her answer.  She doesn't think I'm funny.  (Which is fine, I'm really not.)  But instead of just launching off her answer, she stepped back, and thought through what was happening.  She had the wisdom (not her wisdom, by the way, she is only 5!) to know that answering that question could cause me harm.  She wasn't sure what I thought, so she probed a little deeper.  The other major character trait that this example highlights is that Sophia has a huge heart for other people.  She cares very deeply for others.  She has compassion, and is gentle in how she approaches others, because she knows words can hurt.

The name 'Sophia' means wisdom.  She was well named.

Here is Sophie (on the far right) with two of her favorite people, Reese and Ellie.  :)  I love these girls!


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