Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Getting Along

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I'm not sure what it is about groups of 3 kids, but at my house, it just doesn't work.  When Eli, Sophie, and Isaac are together, small skirmishes break out often, and sometimes it escalates to the brink of full blown war.  However, now that Eli is in school all day, Sophie and Isaac play so well together!  It's really amazing!  I don't want to imply that Eli is the problem.  Alone with Sophie or alone with Isaac produces the same great behavior.  They just cannot handle being in groups of 3!

They are out in the back, doing something - I'm not sure.  I try to stay out of it.  It always involves dirt and flowers and rocks.  Sometimes I hear them talking about making soup.

This picture is a little grainy because I took it through the screen and the glass so as not to disturb them.  I think it's funny how Sophie has a pile of flowers in front of her and Isaac has a pile of dirt.  :)


  1. Same thing in our little world. All three and there is inevitably someone crying or tears, but any given pair get along great!!! There should be some national study done to find out about this.