Thursday, March 14, 2013

Thermos Replacement Straws

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A lot of people I know have various Thermos drinking bottles.  My kids each have one - they are great.  They don't easily spill, they get beat up regularly, and keep water cold for a very long time.  The straws get really nasty though.  A friend was here about a year ago and we tried EVERYTHING to clean the mold out of the sipper straw part (the part that goes in your mouth) on her bottle.  Absolutely nothing made a difference.  Even though the only thing that goes into ours is water, and they are routinely run through the dishwasher, they are nasty!

It's absolutely impossible to find these replacements in stores.  So here's the PSA: If you call Thermos, 1.800.831.9242, they will sell you a replacement sipper and long straw part for $1!  I found replacements in various places online being sold from $5-$12!  Crazy.  They do charge $3 shipping, and limit you to 5 replacements per week.  Since these bottles cost so much, this seems like a much better option than just pitching the whole thing because the straw needs replaced.


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