Friday, March 8, 2013

An exQUisite Wedding

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Today at school, Elijah's class is celebrating the exquisite wedding of Q and U.  This will be a very ornate affair, with children wearing "wedding attire" and an official reception.  The cartoon images of Q and U have been puzzling us...Q is clear, she is a queen.  But what is U?  He appears to be a football player.  We can't figure out how "qu" fits into his title.  It is also disturbing that Q is freely entering this union.  While it is clear that she is faithful (with the exception of a few "words" that do not appear to be words AND qwerty, which I concede is a black mark for her), U is a raging cheater.  This, of course, is a discussion for a much older child: both regarding the issue of unfaithfulness and the odd rules which construct our language and make it very hard to learn.

The teacher requested a cake for the reception, and I held out for a week or so to see if any other parents would volunteer before saying I'd do it.  Here's a picture of the cake.  This is the best kind of bride and groom to make a wedding cake for, they had no specific requests and didn't complain at all that the cake wasn't perfectly white.  I expect no less of a supportive reception from the 5 and 6 year old reception attendees, who would have likely gobbled down cupcakes with just as much enjoyment.  Please don't post this picture on cakewrecks, I'll cry.  OK.

Eli is delighted with it, and the rest of the family was thrilled to find out there was a little bit left over for them to have for dessert, so everybody was happy.  

Edit: I JUST figured out what he is!!!  Can you guess?  Of course you can.  I've seriously been thinking about it for a week and it just occurred to me.  Can you tell I don't watch much football?  


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