Tuesday, April 12, 2011


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We brace ourselves at the start of fall each year for a few rounds of sickness.  With three children in the house who have relatively untried immune systems, we are bound to catch a few colds and a Norovirus or two.  This fall/winter/early spring have been out of control.  Every few weeks there's another round of illness coming into our house.  Everybody is sick again.  AGAIN.  I'm about at the end of my rope with it, it's been too much.  I have lost count the number of viruses we've cycled through.  Unlike other winters, Chris and I have both caught a few of them as well, which is unusual.  I've talked to a few other moms who say that this winter has been particularly bad as well.  I have given Children's Advil and Kleenex a sizable portion of my weekly budget these last few months. 

Thankfully, aside from the high fever times, the kids are real troopers.  I keep telling myself that this will make our transition into the early school years a little bit easier.  Hopefully?! 
It's pretty interesting looking - when it's not causing illness.


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