Wednesday, January 15, 2014

"Daniel Land"

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Where a kid can play with his baby toys without a sibling stealing them!

We have a really long great room - half of it is a living room type area by the fire place.  The other half is this nebulous, undesignated area, which inevitably becomes a catch all for anything floating around the house that doesn't end up on my island.  

I tried to create a safe space for Daniel to play with his toys.  So far, so good.  Chris thinks it won't last long.  You never know!  If I were Daniel, I'd be thrilled to be in a place where I could have any toy I wanted without having to fight off much bigger kids!

I'm not sure what will eventually happen to this space.  I'd love to put a piano there, but that's a ways off.  For now, much like the rest of my house, it remains a kid space.


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