Sunday, July 7, 2013

First Camping Trip

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This weekend was our first camping trip.  We went with some friends to a local state park campground.  The weather forecast was terrible, more rain, but we decided to chance it anyway and hoped that it would be mostly clear.  Sadly, that didn't happen.  Friday night was pretty clear, and we were able to be outside a lot. Saturday was terrible.  We went to a local inside play place in the morning until it cleared up, but by mid-afternoon it was dumping rain again.  The tent really took a beating, and it was good to test how much water it could withstand.  None came in the bottom, but after a few hours of torrential downpours it started to very slightly leak at the top.  That's when we decided to call it quits early.  Doug and Rita were scheduled to visit us at the campground that afternoon, so between rain showers we were able to contain the kids and stuff everything into vehicles.  Just as we were driving out of the campground, another huge rainstorm began.  I'm so thankful they showed up and helped!!!

Here's a picture of the kids inside the tent:

Daniel is saying, "WHY are we in here?  WHY are we camping?  You all are crazy!"  haha

Here's a short video I took:


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