Friday, November 16, 2012

Sick Baby

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Round one of the cold virus swept through our house this past week.  With the number of little ones around here, and one now in school, we are bound to catch a few.  Since Daniel is breastfeeding, he is covered by my immunities - meaning that if I have had a virus in the past, and developed an immunity to it, I pass that immunity through my milk and he is also immune to it.  Pretty neat, right?  When Daniel started to get sick a few days before I did, I knew I was hit.  Sure enough, everybody caught the cold.  It wasn't particularly horrible, but everybody had a few bad days.  Daniel, unfortunately, started wheezing and really struggling to breathe.  I was hoping and praying that he would not have the same issues as Eli and Isaac did in their first year, but after a visit to the pediatrician, he was also sent home with nebulizer treatments. 

Isn't that the saddest thing you've seen in a while?  Poor baby!  Sometimes he chills out for his treatments, sometimes he tries to lick the mist, and sometimes he goes absolutely berzerk and puts up a pretty good fight.  The fighting is actually good, it gets the medicine deep into the bottom of his lungs.  I never took pictures of Eli and Isaac being nebulized, it always broke my heart.  But it is the reality.  I pray that Daniel will outgrow this, just as the other two boys have.   Prayers for his healing, for no further complications with this cold, and for the health of his lungs are welcome! 


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