Thursday, February 17, 2011

Zoo Trip

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Today was BEAUTIFUL!  I decided to take the kids to the Zoo.  It's the perfect outdoor area, nice walking paths, fun things to see and do, and not usually very crowded in the winter.  The kids had a great time and did very well.  Before we go I let them each decide what animal they want to see that day.  Eli wanted to see the polar bears, and Sophia wanted to see any bear.  Great!  The polar bears were very active today, they got to see one of them swimming and he even dove off of a raised are into the water for them.  Isaac got about 3 feet away from the polar bear, but he didn't seem very interested in it.  This was the first Zoo trip where only Isaac rode in the stroller.  Sophia did a GREAT job walking. 

Here's a little video of the kids playing at the conservation house:


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